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Good morning to all you mega-prospectors and committed businesspeople! Tuesday has always been one of my favorite days for prospecting and business-building...what are YOU doing to make today a successful day?

I listed three words yesterday that I have found can help push an agent to grow their business--inspiration, desperation, and contribution. I know that a lot of agents like to ~think~ they're 'inspired' to grow and do things that they've never done before, but the real test is how long does that last? If your inspiration wanes after 2 phone calls, was it ever really that strong to begin with? If you're struggling after only a few days to maintain the energy from whatever inspires you we have to wonder if you've lost sight of that drive... I hope that for each one of you that you're zeroing in on exactly what the rewards are for your efforts and that you really DO have something that is motivating you to make the changes you have to make!

Which brings us to the word 'desperation'... For too many of us this is the real emotion that drives us. If you know that you're in that category, I encourage you to get your eyes off of the circumstances and onto something more positive! How long do you really want to remain in that state? What kind of decisions do you typically make when you're desperate? Stop the madness right now and DECIDE that you are going to work toward a worthwhile goal and stick to the standards that you know are critical to end up where you want to be!

How far could you really go today, this week, this month, or this year if you anchored to something that totally inspired you? How long can you last if you focus on the desperation of your situation? Let's be sure that YOU are in the company of the inspired...and make today count!

Bob Fitzgerald is a former speaker and coach for Mike Ferry.  Bob has since trained a team of highly skilled telemarketers and we are setting up qualified real estate listing appointments for many of top listing agents in the world.  Coach Bob has trained the team to handle every objection and close for qualified appointments. Fitzgerald Coaching's telemarketers are more skilled than most real estate agents.  Visit Bob's blog to get a feel for the numbers and process involved in converting the listings.  Prospecting isn't new nor is it a magic pill.  We just call.  We are looking for great partners in each market that we can refer appointments to for years to come.  Are you comfortable making a presentation to For Sale By Owner and Expired sellers?  If so, we need each other!